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Eastern Finland

Are you planning your vacation in Finland? The best region to enjoy Finland and its thousand lakes is around Lake Saimaa! Finnish Lakeland is located in Eastern Finland and includes three administrative regions: South Karelia, South Savo and Northern Savo. The main resorts of the Savo region are Savonlinna, Kuopio, Mikkeli, Punkaharju, as well as Varkaus, Pieksämäki and Rantasalmi. The tourist centers of South Karelia are Lappeenranta and Imatra but also Puumala, Kesälahti and Parikkala are popular, especially among the campers. 

Saimaa Lakeland

Finnish Lakeland is situated in the vast expanses of the unique lake system of Saimaa. The biggest part of Lake Saimaa is located in the Savo region with its center in the city of Savonlinna. In total, Lake Saimaa extends 400 kilometers from south to north, from Lappeenranta to Kuopio. The beauty of the harsh northern forests, framed by a picturesque ridge of rocky slopes, amazes even the experienced traveler. The crystal clear water in lakes rich in fish attracts lovers of fishing and rowing.

The proximity to nature contributes to an active vacation with family or friends. Anyone who loves spending their holidays in private, away from the bustle of megapolicies, will find villas or cottages in Finland on the lake. The coastline of the city of Savonlinna alone is longer than the entire coastline of Spain, and the entire coastline of Lake Saimaa is almost 15,000 kilometers. There is a cottage on the lake for everyone!

Holidays in Finland

The region of Eastern Finland has traditionally attracted travelers from Russia and Northern Europe. Throughout the 17th-19th centuries, Finland was a favorite vacation spot of Russian and Swedish nobles, the mansions of many aristocrats and landowners of the Russian Empire were built right here, on the shores of Lake Saimaa.

The region of Eastern Finland is rich in tourist attractions related to the history of the Russian Empire. Much for the development of the region at the time, did the Russian emperors Alexander I and Nicholas II. According to legend, Catherine II, admiring the greatness of Finnish nature, said: "The forces of nature are stronger than human forces."

Family holidays in Finland

Holiday in Finland with your family is a great choice at any time of the year. Finland is a safe, calm and environmentally friendly country with lots of activities for families. Here you can relax your body and soul, visit historical sights and engage in outdoor activities, from fishing to skiing!

Winters in Eastern Finland are not so cold as in Lapland. The average temperature in January & February is around -9,5C. A trip to the winter wonderland in Finland will be filled with snowmobile rides, sledding, ice skating, skiing and unique snowshoeing routes. And of course, visiting beautifully Christmas decorated small cities, Christmas fairs and concerts in December should be included in your program. A nice bonus is Christmas discounts in Finnish stores! 

Summer in Finland will help you relax and restore from the busy city rhythm. Swimming in a clean lake, fishing, picking berries and mushrooms yourself or with an assistance of a local guide will make your ideal family vacation unforgettable. Add to this boating, steamboats, yachts, hydroplanes, a variety of historical excursions and a rich cultural life. In the Savo region, there are many concerts, art exhibitions and movie festivals being organized in the summer time. The main cultural event of the summer is the International Opera Festival in Savonlinna, which lasts annually throughout July. Opera performances have been held right inside the walls of the old fortress of Olavinlinna since 1912.

Fans of gastronomic tourism will appreciate the fact that in Finnish restaurants special attention is paid to the quality of food. Restaurants regularly update the seasonal menu, while in the preparation of dishes they only use products of the Lakeland. Local delicacies include fish, pike perch, venison and elk. Many foods do not include gluten and lactose. There are several local breweries in the Savo region that are worth a try! Many products sold in regular stores are organic. Vacuum-packed meat, fish and dairy products can be taken along the way home.

Seeing the very rare Saimaa ringed seal that lives only in Lake Saimaa will be the highlight of your trip. You can attend our excursion where you are guaranteed to see the seal from the boat. This trip takes place at sunset in Oravi and will be an unforgettable experience.

Those who like to travel on their vehicles will appreciate the quality of roads in Finland and the absence of traffic jams. The friendliness and hospitality of the local people will leave pleasant memories for a long time from the time spent here!

Come for new experiences!

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