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The main holiday of the summer and the second most important holiday of the year is Juhannus. In 2021, the holiday falls on June 26. Celebrations begin on Friday 25.6 and continue until Sunday 27.6.

The holiday is rooted in the pagan period and is now celebrated to enjoy the midsummer and beautiful summer nights.

Juhannus is traditionally celebrated outdoors, near the  water, in a cottage or a boat. On this day, a mandatory ritual is a visit to the sauna and a swim in the lake.


The busiest places on Juhannus in Savonlinna are market square (Kauppatori, 57130 Savonlinna) and the promenade (Rantakatu, 57130 Savonlinna).

The peak of the night comes in the evening, when the time comes to kindle a traditional bonfire. In Savonlinna, a traditional bonfire is lit on the island of Riihisaari, next to the Olavinlinna fortress.

Pleasure boats organize night excursions with entertainment on this day. Watching a burning fire from the water is an unforgettable sight.

On Juhannus, they sleep little and eat a lot! According to pagan beliefs, the cheerful and noisy conduct of Juhannus will scare away evil spirits and bring good luck.

Experience you first Juhannus with us!

Savonlinna City Day is celebrated on the last weekend of July and coincides with St. Olav's Day. 

Traditionally, the holiday opens at 10.00 in the morning with a welcoming speech and a concert on the Waahto restaurant terrace. 

A festive entertainment program is always created taking into account that people of all ages are interested in attending the event. The program lasts all day: competitions, karaoke, summer theaters, concerts and  charity meetings take place all around the city

Daytime concerts will be held in the central church of Tuomiokirkko and an evening concert will be held in the Orthodox Church of Zachariah and Elizabeth.

The cost of visiting the Rihiisaari Museum and the Olavinlinna Fortress on City Day will be significantly reduced.

Restaurants and cafes of the city strive to please the townspeople and guests of the city with new dishes and delicacies. 

The celebration will end with a firework over the water area of ​​the city port.

LAKELAND TRAVEL is the official representative of the SAIMAA Veterans Hockey Tournament. (application for participation at

The annual Saimaa tournament veteran hockey tournament is held on the last weekend of July.

Both amateur and professional hockey teams from Finland, Europe and Russia take part in the tournament. In 2021 , about 70 teams will take part. For the first time, women's hockey teams will take part in the Anniversary tournament.

The tournament games are held in the ice arenas of Savonlinna, Rantasalmi and Tanhuvaara.


The hockey tournament falls at the same time as Savonlinna City Day.



OPERA FESTIVAL 2.7 - 31.7.2021

The long-awaited and longest cultural event in Finland is the Savonlinna International Opera Festival, held in the Olavinlinna Fortress throughout July.

The festival has been held since 1912. The festival is attended by over 60,000 spectators from all over the world.

We invite you to join this unique event and enjoy the beauty of great works!

BOXING NIGHT 2021 5.8.2021

BOXING NIGHT at the Olavinlinna Castle, held for the 7th time!

A spectacular show for boxing fans held within the walls of the medieval Olavinlinna Castle.

Tickets from 34,50 EUR


It will be hot!

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