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Tours to Eastern Finland

Lakeland Travel has prepared for you unique seasonal tours to the Lake District . Tours include a cultural, active and educational program and are ideal for families. With us you will get acquainted with the real lake Finland, its culture and history, visit all the most interesting sights and relax your body and soul!

Finland is the ideal country for family vacations. It was here that members of the Russian imperial family, nobility, writers and artists rested in the 19th century. Many wealthy princes built their estates and dachas here. And this is not surprising - in winter and summer, the Lake District of Finland is unforgettable and fabulously beautiful!

How to get to the Lake District?

The Lake District is located in Eastern Finland on the shores of the Saimaa lake system, at approximately the same distance from Helsinki and St. Petersburg.

You can come to us

  • on trains departing from Moscow and St. Petersburg to Vainikkala station

  • by plane Helsinki - Savonlinna

  • on your car

Our package tours always include a transfer from the railway station or from the airport.

Discover the Finnish Lake District with LakeLand Travel! 

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