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Rope and rope park will do

everyone who wants to experience strong emotions, extreme and thirst for adventure. Everyone can feel like a climber  or a circus performer.

If at the time of the adventures the "extreme" is already 6 years old and his growth is not  less than 110 cm, then  he will have to move along the cable car, accompanied by an adult.

Children from 10 years old are allowed to independent adventures.


For beginners to overcome  track  will help 

experienced  instructors.

The rope park is located on 3 levels and is equipped with short and long slopes.

More than 30 obstacles of various difficulty. The higher, the more difficult the obstacles appear before the subject.

The reward for overcoming all obstacles will be  90 m smooth descent along the cable car.

Equipment :

Comfortable sportswear is required to complete the route.

The most suitable  shoes for adventure are  sneakers , trainers, summer sports sandals with heels or hiking shoes .

Time spent in the park with children or a noisy company will bring a lot of positive emotions and tickle your nerves. 

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