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Package tour

  to the Finnish Lake District  "White Nights in Savonlinna"  

By car to Savonlinna!  

twenty.  - 26.6.2019 

We invite travelers to discover the unique Finnish Lake District by visiting its capital, Savonlinna, located on the islands of the Saimaa lake system. The outskirts of the city of Savonlinna are a favorite summer destination for Finns, but the historically tourist Savonlinna was first discovered by wealthy Russian travelers in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.  

Now you have the opportunity to enjoy the unique beauties of the Lake District and get acquainted with the unique history of Savonlinna and the Olavinlinna fortress, for the possession of which they fought for many centuries  kings and emperors.


20 to 26  June  - excursions every day (Holiday  summer solstice Johanus in Savonlinna, a mesmerizing  sculpture park, seal safari,  Linnansaari National Park, Savonlinna City Tour, Olavinlinna Fortress, Medieval Style Spa Center, LUSTO Forest Museum). 

Well  and of course  accompaniment of a Russian-speaking guide!  All this is for the guests of the city!

Hurry up to book the Summer package of accommodation in hotels of the city 7  days / 6  nights + active program  from 69    per person per day.  More prices ...


For a surcharge, you can order:

• Lunches at restaurants in Savonlinna (13 / person / day)

• Dinners at the hotel for groups of 20 people - 25 / person / day  



Thu 20.6.2019 ...... Arrival  to the hotel  Savonlinna, check-in from 15.00

                - meeting with the guide at the reception


Fri 21.6.2019 ...... Visit to the medieval fortress of Olavinlinna and the local history museum.  

               Acquaintance with the Olavinlinna fortress built in 1475, excursion in Russian.

                Influence  The Kingdom of Sweden and the Russian Empire on the centuries-old history of the fortress.                      A.  Suvorov  in the reconstruction of the fortress.

Sat 22.6.2019 .... Sightseeing tour of Savonlinna

               - walking tour of 1.5 hours includes topics:

                 the origin of the shipping company on the Saimaa, the history of the city from the beginning of its foundation on the example

                 the old Linnankatu street, the tradition of holding an opera festival in a 15th century fortress                      Olavinlinna.

               Johanus is celebrated all over Finland - the favorite holiday of the Finns:

               Festivities, a traditional evening bonfire dedicated to  The summer solstice. Evening                       programs in restaurants and cafes. Night cruises on the island. Saima.

Sun 23.6.2019 ...... Excursion to the reserve  Punkaharju. Visit to the forest museum "LUSTO"

                 The tour starts at 9:30 am with an exciting 30-minute train ride.  

                LUSTO -  state museum of forest culture and forestry, research                  Centre. V  the museum is interesting to everyone, regardless of age, profession and nationality.                          Free time.  In these places is the old hotel "Punkaharju".  In the summer of 2017 in                  the hotel took place  meeting of the presidents of Russia and Finland. Departure back to Savonlinna                   by train. By  if desired (for an additional fee) visit to the art gallery.

MON  24.6.2019 ..... Free day, shopping          

               Fishing with an experienced professional guide on Saimaa * - duration 4  hours

               Morning transfer  will take you  To  place of fishing. Accompanied by an experienced guide,                   equipped with  equipment, group  will go by boat across the lake expanses of Saimaa. V                      depending on your desire and seasonality, an experienced guide will offer you: trolling, spinning,                  jig,  fly fishing.  Guaranteed  catch salmon, pike or pike perch!

Tue 25.6.2019 ...... Excursion on a motor ship to the authentic SPA-complex Järvisudan  

               - the duration of the trip is about 10 hours

               An exciting day trip on a motor ship will start at the port of Savonlinna at 9:30 am. Route                     will pass  along the cleanest lake in Europe, Saimaa, around the city of Savonlinna and the islands, which  v                      the surrounding area is  more than 1000. The beauty of the local northern nature will not leave anyone                     indifferent, and if we are lucky, we will meet the rarest Saimaa seal, the population of which                     has only about 300 individuals. It will be possible to dine on board.

              Arrival in the heart of Lake Saimaa -  Jarvisudan at 12:30. To visit the SPA complex in                            Medieval style is given 2 hours, then free time. You can visit a restaurant or                     just take a walk through the picturesque territory of the spa center. Guests are welcomed in this place,                    Since the 17th century, the buildings of those times have been carefully preserved on the territory. Modern hotel                 The spa complex is perfectly integrated into the unique nature of the Finnish region.  Departure to the hotel 16:00                   on  bus. Arrival approximately at  17.00

Wed 26.6.2019 .... Departure from the hotel in Savonlinna  

                   *  At extra charge
                  ** The organizers reserve the right to change the schedule 

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